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Mission / Vision

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It is my Mission first and foremost to live my life in a manner that suits my talents, my desires, and my spirit. It is my Mission to accomplish this by continuing to grow The Write Hand, LLC. We provide a diverse menu of services for business owners, no matter where your business is in its life-cycle. My Vision is to employ only the finest Power Partners to perform client tasks, from administrative tasks to a grand-scale branding, website design, marketing, accounting, IT solutions, security and search solutions, and so much more. We provide the best services and prices so that real everyday entrepreneurs and business owners can afford the things they really need in today’s technologically advancing world. To bring all this into a well-executed package for the benefit of my clients, I provide very personal Project Management for each client, no matter how big or small the projects are which we do for you.

Ursula Wachowiak

Owner & Your Personal Project Manager for the Services you Need in Your Business. 

I began as a Virtual Assistant in 1997, mainly transcribing punch-lists and walk-throughs for commercial building contractors. This happened organically as I was working full-time for a commercial builder in Illinois; having daily contact with various contractors, I kept hearing the same thing; they all wanted a better, faster way to get their notes to paper. I sold five contractors on the idea of buying a small tape recorder and recording their notes. They would bring them to me in my office and I would take them home to transcribe overnight. They had their notes the next day. From inception until 2012, I progressively did other projects here and there as I heard of people’s needs; it was purely a side-gig.

In 2012, I lost a corporate job and the employment market was not being kind. I was supplementing my savings and 401k with additional bid-work on freelance job sites. After several months, the income wasn’t enough and the money was running out. One evening I sat with a notepad and tried to rationalize my options; I was seriously looking at bumming around to stay with friends or being homeless. Frankly, the longer I thought about purging my life and writing a new chapter, the more homeless wasn’t sounding so bad.

Between the revelation and February 2013, I planned and executed what I have dubbed The B.R.O.A.D. ™ Journey. I ramped up my Virtual Assistant business, took many online courses, solicited a new target audience, and began increasing my income. I also began networking with other online service providers.
I sold nearly all my worldly possessions including my car. I had nearly no credit debt, so eliminating utilities, auto insurance, rent, and cable; heck I could live paying just motorcycle insurance, food, and mobile Wi-Fi. I packed what was to become my ‘world’… tent, sleep roll, cooking utensils, cold and wet riding gear, first aid, oh the list goes on; but it had to fit on the motorcycle along with my mobile office.

While on The B.R.O.A.D. ™ Journey I was struck on my motorcycle by a driver trying to pass a semi-truck on a curve. The most substantial injury was left leg amputation below my knee. Through that recovery, back to walking, back to riding motorcycles, back to traveling the country; all the while maintaining my client list – growing my client list, and striving even higher.

The Write Hand, LLC launches a new brand in 2017. It seems fitting at this stage of life; along with the 20 year anniversary of my company. It’s time to reintroduce my business to show the world how far we’ve come. Silently I have grown services and acquired power partners. Now we are here to let you know, exactly how we can help you from A to Z. We help you build a strategy on how to best utilize a partnership with an Online Business Management and Virtual Assistant Network. Our goal is to manage all your behind-the-scenes tasks so you can focus on your areas of talent!!

With My Warmest Regards,

Ursula Wachowiak

Owner and Virtual Assistant over 20 Years


This 3-Part Video series is only a few minutes each and will provide you with a great deal of insight on how to begin a successful relationship with your Online Business Management and Virtual Assistant Network. I encourage you to have a pen and paper handy while you watch. Make a list of tasks you’d like to get off your plate. Make a list of questions. Then Let’s Chat to craft a strategy that suits your business goals.

Is a Virtual Assistant Right for Me?

Interviewing and Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Managing a Partnership with a Virtual Assistant



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